Opinion: Do Singles Holidays Work?

Opinion: Do Singles Holidays Work?

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Singles-workBefore internet dating, people had to rely on other ways to meet new people. One of these ways was with something called singles holidays.

Singles holidays are usually organized by travel companies to give single people a chance to go on holiday with other people in the same situation. They are usually booked as groups of people, and allows these singles to get to know new people, mingle and perhaps even flirt.

Whilst singles holidays used to be popular, it seems that they are not quite as common as they used to be. But they are still around for those searching for love.

Who goes on singles holidays?

Back in the day it seemed that all age groups were happy to try singles holidays. However, now it seems that they are more aimed towards those who are older, or who are not keen on the idea of other forms of dating. They seem to also be aimed towards those who are looking for friendship as well as love, which is why many of the older generation are drawn to these types of holidays.

That said, there are still younger people who use single holidays as a way to meet people. It really does depend on their own approach to finding love.

It is worth noting that there are now singles holidays that cater for all different sexualities, where the LGBT community if welcome. Places like Bambu Resorts near Malaga in Spain look like an absolute paradise for the ladies that want to be in a women-exclusive environment; and there are plenty more of those holiday resorts around the world. Just use Google and see for yourself, not everything is as black and white as it used to be; and that is a great thing!

The benefits and drawbacks

One of the best things about a singles holiday is that not only do you up your chance of meeting someone, but you also get to go on a great holiday too. You can forget about the pressure and strains of your normal life and simply focus on relaxation, a great way to increase your chance of meeting someone special.

There is also a good chance that you will be on holiday with likeminded people, and if you find someone who shares some of your views, then this is definitely a good recipe for love.

There are some drawbacks to singles holidays of course, one of which that you may feel under pressure to find someone, and feel frustrated if you don’t. They can also be expensive, which can put some people off.

Lastly, some people may feel uneasy about the idea of heading off on holiday alone. However, you can combat this by organising to go on a singles holiday with your other single friends. That way, you are all together, but still hopefully going to meet someone.

Are there any other ways to meet people?

In these modern times we are lucky that there are a variety of ways to meet new people. Not only can you try out singles holidays, singles events or perhaps things such as speed dating. But you can also give online dating or dating apps a go too. All of these are designed to make it all the easier to meet someone special. Whether that simply be for friendship or for something that is a little bit more. Try to chat dirty on Sex With No Strings or other adult dating sites if you want something a little naughtier; you’re not restricted to traditional dating anymore.

The thing to remember is to put yourself out there, if you don’t then there is no way that you are going to meet anyone. Being brave, and taking those first steps is the perfect way to make sure that you find the lady or man of your dreams, and can help you to start the rest of your life.



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