Out Candidate Ginny Deerin is Running for Mayor of Charleston

Out Candidate Ginny Deerin is Running for Mayor of Charleston

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Ginny Deerin/Facebook
Ginny Deerin/Facebook

LGBT candidate Ginny Deerin is running for mayor of Charleston, South Carolina.

“I’ve run a multi-million-dollar nonprofit organization and been a small business owner,” she said. “I worked with Mayor Joe Riley, led community efforts in Charleston, and I’m a mother and grandmother. All of this has prepared me to take the reins at this pivotal point in Charleston’s history and to help make Charleston an even greater city.”

Deerin was awarded the Order of the Palmetto, the state’s highest honor for public service in 2010. She founded and ran WINGS for Kids, an educational program that teaches kids how to make good decisions and build healthy relationships, which has now grown to 10 programs in three states.

The Victory Fund is endorsing her campaign, as they did with Houston’s LGBT candidate Annise Parker six years ago. Parker, an out lesbian, was endorsed by the Victory Fund and her campaign was given a financial boost and visibility. Parker became Houston’s mayor in 2009.

“Make no mistake – even though she’s highly qualified, this is going to be a tough race,” President and CEO of the Victory Fund, Aisha Moodie-Mills said. “Ginny’s going up against the good ol’ boys network, and there are plenty of powerful groups in Charleston who don’t want the mayor to come from the LGBT community. Mayor Parker faced the same things back in 2009.”



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