OutServe Magazine to Feature Transgender Service Members New Issue

OutServe Magazine to Feature Transgender Service Members New Issue

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The newest issue of OutServe Magazine, to be released Tuesday, January 31, will feature transgender service members.
The fifth issue of the bi-monthly Magazine will offer a rare glimpse into the lives and struggles of currently serving transgender military personnel.  Because of a strict ban on the service of any transgender individual, regardless of their military record, it has been virtually impossible to hear the voices of currently serving transgender personnel – until now. OutServe’s Katie Miller reaches out to several brave transgender service members and shares their stories in a heartbreaking article, “The New DADT: Transgender Service.”

In it, she writes: “As the LGBT movement, both military and civilian, has zeroed in on the marriage and partner benefits issues, transgender service members still find themselves living under the ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ conditions many of us thought no longer existed. They struggle every day to pass as their biological sex and risk losing their careers if they are outed, despite the impressiveness of their service records.”

Laura, an active duty Army officer, details her struggle at West Point and long after. “I knew what I was, but still tried to cure myself. And the best way to hide or cure myself was to get married and maybe time, love, or parenthood would make me better.”

Jessica, a Marine Veteran, says, “I just didn’t really think about it. Nobody ever knew or suspected. I was focused on training or my deployment and didn’t have time to think about [being transgender] until I laid down on my rack for the night. That was always the hardest.”

In addition to having one of the first comprehensive articles detailing transgender service, OutServe Magazine has added several new features to the line-up. A new War Journal and Commanders’ Log share insights and perspective from LGBT troops on the ground and in leadership positions. A section on fitness highlights nutrition and moves (in the gym) as the key to toning up that physique and passing the physical readiness test. A Power Players feature shines the light on prominent and not-so-prominent figures who have been shaking things up behind the scenes in the quest for full equality.



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