Paris Jackson: Becoming an LGBT Advocate and the Living Legacy of Her Father

Paris Jackson: Becoming an LGBT Advocate and the Living Legacy of Her Father

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Paris Jackson/Galeria Paris
Paris Jackson/Galeria Paris

It has been eight years since Michael Jackson passed away and his legacy remains as strong as ever, whether that is in the music world, fashion, dance, or the unexpected – such as the animal kingdom and space.

One of the main reasons his legacy lives on, though, is through his three children: Prince, Paris and Blanket. The children have shown their support for their father since his death and praised the way in which they were raised.

However, they are now grown up and are forming a life of their own. Paris is cementing her career as an actress and a model, with several magazine covers including Harper’s Bazaar and Rolling Stones already under her belt. Of course, it has been hard for her to not mention her father and has voiced her thoughts on the King of Pop, both good and upsetting.

Paris has used her position in the spotlight to show her support and raise awareness for the LGBT community. Expressing the need to represent the “voiceless”, the 19-year-old hopes to influence her huge following to back such an important cause. She also made an appearance at the recent GLAAD awards, further strengthening her role as an LGBT advocate. Interestingly, her father had a history in the LGBT community for several reasons. His quirky fashion choices and changing appearance led to some fans to ask if he was gay, but Michael denied this, saying in the late 1970s, “I know it’s not true, so it doesn’t bother me. I’m sure we must have plenty of fans who are gay. That doesn’t bother me in the slightest, but I’m not gay.”

From the quote, it is clear to see Michael Jackson had no issues with the LGBT community, despite other early rumors that he did not support it because of his religious family background. Paris Jackson is showing that this is not the case with her family, though, and represents the pop legend in a positive manner on the subject.

However, it is not just Michael Jackson’s children that are ensuring his legacy continues. The icon of popular culture is very much remembered today in a variety of niche ways not have thought possible. For example, with the popularity of online gaming, casinos and bingo growing, the legend has inspired slot games on sites such as Sun Bingo, with the Michael Jackson: King of Pop slot title combining Michael’s much-loved dance floor hits with symbols including the Moonwalk wilds, as well as Beat It and Smooth Criminal free games features.

Bubbles Statue/Wikimedia Commons
Bubbles Statue/Wikimedia Commons

Continuing with the more unusual ways in which Michael Jackson’s legacy remains, Jackson’s untimely passing back in 2009 saw his influence recognized in outer space. He has a crater on the Moon named after him, which was the idea of many fans at the time of his death, due to Michael already owning lunar property.

In addition to his children, the King of Pop is associated with caring deeply for another being. Bubbles the chimpanzee garnered great fame when the Jackson family bought him and acted as Michael’s companion. There have been rumors over the years that the two were very close, with Michael taking Bubbles on tour in 1988 and being photographed together. Since then, there has been a statue produced of the pair and in the past few months, it has been revealed that a stop-motion film about the life of Bubbles is in the works, but not featuring the pop legend. The film is another example, though, of the legacy Jackson has left and the various different ways in which he stood out as a public figure. 

As previously mentioned, Michael Jackson is famously known for his unusual style choices, from the single sequin glove, military jackets to the iconic red Thriller jacket. His fashion to this day keeps his legacy going, with many stars having emulated his style throughout the years, such as Beyoncé and Rihanna. Now it is Paris’ turn to be in the fashion spotlight. The young star displays just as much uniqueness in her style as her father, allowing his icon status to be transferred to a new decade. Whether this is still the quirks of teenagerhood or the makings of a true fashionista, there is no doubt that Paris Jackson is honest about her feelings, thoughts and style, a perfect way to carry her father’s legacy and respect the LGBT community. 



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