PBS MediaShift: Four Women-Led News Projects Pick Up Prizes from McCormick Foundation

PBS MediaShift: Four Women-Led News Projects Pick Up Prizes from McCormick Foundation

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Editors Sarah Toce (L) and Charlene Strong (R)

The Seattle Lesbian’s Sarah Toce, Editor-in-Chief, and Charlene Strong, Co-Editor, were recognized today by PBS MediaShift regarding their grant award of $12,000 (not including another $2,000 match) by the McCormick Foundation and J-Lab New Media Women Entrepreneurs grant program.

According to PBS MediaShift:

The Seattle Lesbian has reached more than 1 million readers globally in just over year. “It’s an information-rich site,” J-Lab’s Jan Schaffer said. “They’re both doing this part-time and looking to roll it out to other cities. There’s a good niche here.”

The daily news site is “regularly featured in mainstream and lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) media platforms for its inclusiveness and dedication to bridge the divide between all communities regardless of sexuality, gender, stereotyping, and abridged discrimination,” according to the site.

The four grantees were selected from a group of 227 applicants. Each of the projects will receive $12,000 over the next year and an additional $2,000 once they raise a matching $2,000. While the funding isn’t huge, it allows grantees to build a proof of concept, giving them the potential to be sustainable and work toward getting further support, Schaffer said.

Upon notification of the grant, Toce and Strong released the following statement: “This tremendous recognition by our peers in the media further cements our commitment to the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community in Seattle and throughout the world. We are extremely honored – and humbled – to be in the company of such noteworthy projects, including ClearHealthCosts.com, Symbolia and Carolina Public Press. We are deeply grateful to all of our readers – more than 90,000 per month – and know that this is only the beginning. This grant carries with it a significant amount of weight, expectation and responsibility, and The Seattle Lesbian will deliver.”

Joining The Seattle Lesbian are fellow grant recipients ClearHealthCosts.com, Carolina Public Press, and Symbolia.



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  1. Great work! I knew I liked SLT news for keeping me up to date on the LGBT world — nice to see the rest of the world agrees. Congrats.

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