Picks: Top 5 Summer Concert Festivals of 2018

Picks: Top 5 Summer Concert Festivals of 2018

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Summer is almost here and with it comes our favorite summer concert festivals. A bit of planning ahead for what we will do during the summer season will never be amiss especially if we can squeeze in a concert or two. Needless to say, we can’t attend all festivals of the summer season, but we can choose the best five or more to attend depending on their location and timing, as well as our personal budget.

Of course, your choice depends on your favorite bands, where they would be playing, and the availability of tickets. So, you need to choose, and we are here to help you pick from the numerous choices.

  1. Panorama in Randall’s Island Park, New York is quite popular, and its tickets’ prices are great especially since they offer two price ranges, with the cheaper sold only till 10 a.m. This year quite a large number of our favorite bands will be playing. It is a three-day event at the end of July, so enough time to plan ahead and purchase a ticket and if you don’t live in NY, then it is time to look around.
  2. Tomorrowland the biggest electronic dancing and music festival all over the globe. Taking the second position as the largest music festival. It gets huge popularity as attractions at Tomorrowland include beat-dropping, bass-pounding, relentless sounds incorporated into incredible stage setups. It has more than 10 stages and hosts more than 400 DJs. Belgium hosts Tomorrowland in July and tickets are available at a price that starts at 187 pounds daily, so if you missed the Denver Tomorrowland, hurry and get to the next. You can search for concert tickets without service fees from here and enjoy the magical moments.
  3. UltraMusic Festival hosted in downtown Miami, the heart of Hollywood, at Bayfront Park. Even though the ticket comes at a whopping $300 to $1500, it shows great hope of being the event of the season for they have a huge list of performers that would entertain us during this three-day event. Since it comes early before most other festivals; at the end of March; we could consider it the opening event of the season.
  4. If you want something as near as this weekend then, why don’t you check Beyond Wonderland in San Bernardino, CA? It’s a family event and quite suited to those who have small children. Themed as Alice in Wonderland but it is a music festival all the same.
  5. Last but by no means least, It is considered as one of the most important festivals to attend mostly for the artists but for the fans as well. This year it comes as early as April and is a three-day event. Famous as well as rising artists will be presenting.

This is just a small sample of music festivals in 2018, but if you look up the internet, there is actually a map of the festivals all over the globe. Pick and choose what suits you and have fun!

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