Pizza Klatch Gayla Scores Cris Williamson, Aleksa Manila, El Sanchez, The Righteous Mothers

Pizza Klatch Gayla Scores Cris Williamson, Aleksa Manila, El Sanchez, The Righteous Mothers

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Pizza KlatchThe Pizza Klatch mission is to foster resiliency in LGBTQ+ youth and create a safe and positive school experience through support, education and empowerment. Pizza Klatch is in all 14 high schools in Thurston County and one middle school providing 29 weekly lunchtime support groups to LGBTQ+ youth and youth allies, reaching between 300-400 youth every week through the school year.

LGBTQ+ students endure a multitude of issues including discrimination, family rejection, bullying, domestic violence, relationship violence, homelessness, addiction, mental health, anxiety and depression. Based on our 2017 survey of Pizza Klatch participants, 90% reported they had heard LGBTQ+ slurs at school said in a derogatory way and 91% percent reported they had experienced physical, sexual and/or emotional abuse.

The Gayla is Pizza Klatch’s single largest fundraising event and provides a significant portion of their operating budget. A hysterical and heartwarming celebration for everyone 10-90 years old. Pizza Klatch’s 2019 Annual Gayla/Concert and Online Auction includes the iconic American lesbian feminist singer-songwriter Cris Williamson, the hysterical and social justice focused Righteous Mothers, storyteller and comedian El Sanchez, “they make magic out of any moment”, and our emcee, youth drug counselor by day and Diva by night: the fabulous Aleksa Manila.

There is also a fabulous VIP reception, chance drawings, the best photo booth ever, cupcakes and pizza.

The Players

Cris Williamson, Singer, songwriter, musician, activist and Awarded Americana Music’s Lifetime Achievement Award.  Cris Williamson is one of the most important figures from the women’s music movement that took root in the ’70s. Cris’ first album, Changer and the Changed made NPR Music’s top 150 albums made by Women.

The Righteous Mothers are being brought back by popular demand.

El Sanchez, A Seattle Trans/Queer/Latinix Comedian who weaves together a unique mix of embarrassing personal stories, nerdy obsessions and social politics.

Aleksa Manila, emcee. Drug counselor by day, drag diva by night. Winner of the 2018 Humanitarian Award, Greater Seattle Business Association (GSBA) and Seattle Women’s Pride 2018 Community Champion Award.

Every year, our Gayla includes an online auction where participants can bid on a large variety of donations provided by local businesses and residents. This year, we will be working with Silent Auction Pro to host our online auction. Please be sure to go to to register for our auction. The auction begins online on January 19. At the Gayla itself, the auction will still be done ONLINE through computers, phones and IPads. There will be volunteers at kiosks onsite to help you bid. By registering early you will not have to stand in long lines when you arrive. You also can opt for an express checkout allowing you a fast, easy exit at the end of the concert/auction.



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