Post Kavanaugh Vote: NARAL Launches $1 Million Ad Campaign

Post Kavanaugh Vote: NARAL Launches $1 Million Ad Campaign

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Following the weekend confirmation vote of Brett Kavanaugh, NARAL Pro-Choice America Monday announced a new $1 million ad campaign to hold the Republican Party accountable.

The ads start with pictures of Kavanaugh, Donald Trump and the protests that took over Washington during the last month, and state that the Republican Party is advancing an agenda that “harms and silences” women and that it is time to “vote them out.”

The ad campaign, which will include TV, digital ads and mail, will target Representatives Young (IA-3), Roskam (IL-6), Yoder (KS-3), Tenney (NY-22), Culberson (TX-7), Lewis (MN-2), and Brat (VA-7).

You can see the Roskam TV ad here: and below.

“The Republican Party takeover of our government has been devastating for women and families,” said Sasha Bruce, Senior Vice President for Campaigns and Strategy at NARAL. “From harmful policies that attempt to control our bodies to elevating people with credible accusations of sexual assault to the Supreme Court, the Republican Party has told women that we do not matter.”

Bruce added, “They have shown repeatedly, through their words and actions, that they do not value us or our bodies. They have had their say, now it is time for us to have ours and vote them out.”

NARAL’s political program for the 2018 general election is the organization’s largest ever midterm political program to advance candidates fighting for “our values, our future, our vote.”

NARAL is investing in diverse candidates up and down the ballot in 19 states, mobilizing members and voters through mail, phones, digital ads, door to door canvassing, TV ads, and rallies that hold anti-choice candidates accountable and lift up pro-choice champions.

To read more about NARAL’s endorsed candidates, click here.



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