Pretty Hurts on Logo

Pretty Hurts on Logo

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Curt Meeuwsen

Yes, sometimes Pretty Hurts! The new Logo reality show Pretty Hurts is definitely an eye catcher! Once you start watching it, you can’t stop. Celebrities have been going to Rand Rusher for years to get their faces injected with plumpers and fillers to keep them looking young and they have even dubbed him “Injectionist to the Stars.”

Rand’s practice is called Leaf & Rusher. Norman Leaf is the other half of the equation at the shop.  Sometimes Rand will inject someone to see how it looks and, if the individual likes it, she/he can get it fixed permanently by Norman Leaf, who has been recognized by W Magazine as one of “The World’s Best Plastic Surgeons.”

In the show, Rand has his business manager and CEO of Leaf & Rusher, Curt Meeuwsen, to watch over him and keep him on his toes and out of trouble. Curt and Rand are also ex-partners, which makes the show even more fun to watch.  In Pretty Hurts, you will also be taken into Curt and Rand’s beautiful home and get to meet their dogs.  Yes… they are exes and still live together!  Fun times! 

It is very amusing to watch Rand’s beauty obsessed clients flock to his clinic, including world-famous celebrities and international socialites in West Hollywood. The drag queens are always very entertaining to say the least! Rand is such a character juggling his patients around in his clinic. His staff also works hard to keep him on track, which as you will see has its challenges!

Pretty Hurts airs every Saturday on Logo. Make your appointment to tune in today. There is always something entertaining going on with the Pretty Hurts cast and their very colorful clients.



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