Pride Foundation to Award Top Short LGBTQ Films

Pride Foundation to Award Top Short LGBTQ Films

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This is an open call for entries of compelling and relevant films focused on LGBTQ life and issues.

ac53855404261170_640_filmThe Pride Foundation and The Audience Awards are sponsoring a video competition where filmmakers from all over the world are invited and encouraged to submit short films for The Pride Foundation’s Up & Left LGBTQ Short Film Competition. The films are to be relevant and focus on LGBTQ life and issues and must be under 30 minutes in length.

The entry fee is $30 and the filmmaker will be provided a filmmaker page where they connect with fellow filmmakers and audiences. Filmmakers who submit their short films have a chance to win $1000 in prizes.

Pride Foundation will give the films with the most votes $1000 in prizes. The Audience Awards will give the First Place winner $500, Second Place $350 and Third Place $150.

Submitting films to will give filmmakers the needed exposure to help their filmmaking career. The Audience Awards provides a unique opportunity in the form of press and social media engagement unlike anywhere else.

The Audience Award not only gives a voice to filmmakers, it opens the flood gates for each artist to experience another’s work. I was able to screen so many talented film makers on the Audience Award site that I would not have been able to otherwise,” said Audience Award-winning filmmaker Michael Kehoe.

Competition launches on June 2 on The Audience Awards website.  It is free for audience members to sign up, watch and vote for their favorite films. Audience members are allowed to vote for their favorite films once a day.

Submissions for the Up & Left LGBTQ Short Film Competition started on March 9 and will continue until June 1.  Voting will then begin on June 2 and will run through June 11.



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