Princess Diana and Freddie Mercury in Drag? Yup!

Princess Diana and Freddie Mercury in Drag? Yup!

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Move over RuPaul, there is a new Drag Queen. Or, Drag Princess, rather.

Apparently, in the late 1980s, Princess Diana dressed in drag so she could sneak into a London gay bar without being spotted.

According to British TV actress Cleo Rocos’ new memoir, The Power of Positive Drinking, she, Freddie Mercury and comedian Kenny Everett helped Princess Diana get into an army jacket, cap and sunglasses so she could blend in at Royal Vauxhall Tavern.

“We felt she was obviously Princess Diana and would be discovered at any minute,” Rocos said. “But people just seemed to blank at her. She sort of disappeared.”

The four friends started the fun earlier that day with champagne and Golden Girls reruns. The struggle Diana was having in her marriage with Prince Charles led to her mischievous mode, according to Rocos’ memoir.

“Freddie said, ‘Go on, let the girl have some fun.’”

And fun was exactly what she had that night.



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