Rain Valdez Produces 2019 Calendar Featuring 12 Multicultural Women of Trans Experience

Rain Valdez Produces 2019 Calendar Featuring 12 Multicultural Women of Trans Experience

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Recently, an executive from Victoria’s Secret made a public statement regarding the company’s position on transgender women and plus size women, and their annual Fashion Show. He claimed that transgender women don’t have a place on their runway because they lack qualities needed to fulfill “the fantasy” that is Victoria’s Secrets image.

In response, Valdez, along with her Now More Than Ever producing team, Kellen Quinn and Alessandro Nori, chose to react and came up with the idea of an annual calendar where each woman will cover a month, owning what fantasy means to them.

The calendar is simply called “The Fantasy 2019.” The first of an annual calendar that will consist of 12 multicultural women of transgender experience, including artist Zackary Drucker, actresses Trace Lysette (Transparent, Midnight Texas), Rain Valdez (Paul Feig’s Girl Code, Sneaky Pete), Cassandra James (General Hospital), DJ Lina Bradford, and author Rosalyne Blumenstein. The remaining six are Carolina Gutierrez, Lee Te, Juliana Joel, Sarah Parlow, Blossom Brown, and Maria Roman.

“This calendar is a reclamation of our desirability, something for those who believe in our fantasy. We will continue creating content that celebrates our existence and reverses the shame and stigma associated with our experiences as trans women, because it’s tiring and inauthentic,” said Valdez.

The limited edition calendar is on sale now for $35. A percentage of proceeds to benefit Trans Latina Coalition.



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