Rainbow Flag Burned in British Columbia During UBC Pride’s OUTweek

Rainbow Flag Burned in British Columbia During UBC Pride’s OUTweek

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shutterstock_126438692The rainbow flag that was raised on the University of British Columbia campus as part of the UBC Pride Collective’s OUTweek has been burned.
Members of Pride Collective raised the pride flag during the opening ceremony on Feb. 5. It was found burned off the flagpole on Feb. 9.
“This is a suspected hate crime of intentional destruction to a very publicly important symbol for the LGBTQ+ community,” a statement from Pride Collective said. “The rainbow flag is a widely recognized symbol representing different various pillars of celebration for many individuals – from unity and community to liberation and activism. As it stands currently we do not know who did this violent act, or why they did it.”
The “F—k the Cis-term” march for LGBT rights on the UBC campus the next day was cancelled.
“We are feeling pretty overwhelmed and we got a bit concerned about the safety of our members,” Elliot Cordingley, a coordinator with the group, said.
Campus security are still investigating the incident.
“UBC condemns this incident as an act of hate and in contravention of the values of equity, inclusion and respect deeply held by the university community,” UBC said in a statement.
In response to the burning, Mayor Gregor Robertson requested the rainbow flag be flown at Vancouver City Hall.
The flag was raised by openly gay councillor Tim Stevenson who once headed UBC’s LGBT student organization.
The rest of the OUTweek events will continue as planned concluding with a discussion on Friday.



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