Recommended: 4 Offbeat Places to Visit in Seattle

Recommended: 4 Offbeat Places to Visit in Seattle

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Edith Macefields house in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle
Edith Macefields house in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle

Exploring a new city is fun, but what about re-discovering a place you thought you knew well? Seattle is a fab destination for visitors and residents alike, and it’s easy to think you’ve seen it all when you’ve spent a lot of time there. Put aside a weekend and discover some of the best Seattle sights you’ve never even heard of. If you’re staying in the city, make sure you check out the range of great hotels Seattle has to offer, catering to all budget ranges and price points.

Edith Macefield’s House

Nestled in a peculiar gap between two walls of a shopping mall, you’ll find a tiny house that some people believe inspired the Disney Pixar movie, Up. Whether true or not, this tiny house has an amazing story. It was owned by senior citizen, Edith Macefield, who refused to sell when developers wanted to bulldoze her house and put in a shopping mall. They built the mall around Edith’s house, and she lived there until she died a few years later.

Head down to the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle to take a look at the adorable home and be inspired by Edith’s story.

Image via Flickr by karlnorling
Image via Flickr by karlnorling

Post Alley Gum Wall

Pike Place Market is a well-known hotspot in downtown Seattle, but a quirkier attraction lies nearby. If you venture down the ramp to the left of the market’s main entrance and turn left, you will find yourself between both sides of the Gum Wall. Theatergoers in the 1990s began sticking their gum to the wall as they waited in line, and now the dried-up pieces cover most of the bricks entirely.

With hundreds of pieces of gum forming an interesting color pattern across the wall, it’s a little gross but oddly beautiful. Many people consider it an excellent representation of collective art, so take a look and perhaps add your own piece of “art.”

Image via Flickr by robmadeo
Image via Flickr by robmadeo

Seattle Meowtropolitan Cat Café

If you love animals, don’t skip visiting the Meowtropolitan Cat Café. This café blends Seattle’s well-known love for great coffee along with furry feline friends. Meowtropolitan Cat Café proudly serves Herkimer coffee to customers. Their menu includes several beverages, from Italian soda and tea to hot chocolate and espresso. Enjoy a “catpuccino” or “meowca” as you pet a newfound friend. The cats live in the lounge, having been rescued or hosted by a nearby shelter, looking for their forever homes.

Reserve a 50-minute cat lounge visit online for some cuddle time and a drink. You can also either book a single cat yoga class or purchase a membership. Meowtropolitan is located in the Wallingford neighborhood, just across the road from our next eclectic suggestion.

Image via Flickr by ikrichter
Image via Flickr by ikrichter

Archie McPhee

Often referred to as Mecca for those who love all things weird, Archie McPhee is a store dedicated to selling bizarre curiosities and novelty items. The store has been in business since 1983 and sells everything from obscure games and candies to costumes and rubber chickens.

Pop down to the store in the Wallingford neighborhood to grab a unique gift or treat yourself to something strange. Archie McPhee is on the corner of North 45th and Stone Way. It’s hard to miss, given its iconic yellow awning and red walls.

As you make your way through the city, don’t miss your chance to hit these eclectic sites. You never know, you might just discover something else new about Seattle.



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