Why the Role of LGBT Professionals in Public Administration Matters

Why the Role of LGBT Professionals in Public Administration Matters

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Despite the recent changes and improvements in regulations, there is still a big gender gap in public administration jobs. More importantly, there is a serious stigma against members of the LGBT community when they work in public offices and state departments.

In reality, we now have around 200,000 LGBT civil servants and close to one million LGBT people working for federal and state governments. These professionals matter and their role in supporting the government and local communities is important for a number of reasons.

Women Are Leading the Charge

There is no doubt that women play a huge part in helping federal and state offices perform better and provide better services to citizens. Female leadership in public administration is not something new. In fact, many of the changes, efficiencies and improvements implemented in public offices came from initiatives by women.

The importance of women in public offices dates back to the era of T.J. Bowkler, who in 1912 led the Women’s Municipal League of Boston. Among the many things outlined by the movement was women’s ability to make any place a home. This is an important element in today’s modern workspaces since it greatly influences productivity.

The same skill also translates into women’s ability to improve communities around them, making women the perfect candidates for the role of community leaders and agents of change. Women leaders are too important not to have.

A Higher Interest

It is also worth noting that more and more members of the LGBT community are entering the field of public administration, either as a civil servant or as a community leader. The majority of them also play critical roles in nonprofit organizations and local movements.

The increasing interest can be seen in the number of people pursuing online masters in public administration degrees from reputable universities such as Norwich University. The presence of online programs allows anyone, even those already working a full-time job, to pursue an online MPE degree in their own time.

The result is a growing workforce ready to contribute to federal and state offices, organizations, and international agencies. Experts believe that close to two million LGBT people will be working in federal and state offices within the next five years.

Better Performance

Let’s not forget that federal and state offices need young and energetic people to fill key roles. The same can be said for local and international organizations. The majority of LGBT professionals entering the field of public administration have the ability to work more efficiently and at a faster pace, allowing them to contribute more to the improved performance of these institutions.

We no longer live in a world where slow and bad public services are acceptable. Federal and state departments must follow the same high standards as private entities, which is why this type of reform is needed. It is difficult to negate the role of LGBT people in the shift towards better governance and improved communities. If there is a time to embrace more women and members of the LGBT community in public offices, now would be that time.

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