Ron Sims Endorses Ed Murray in Race for Seattle Mayor

Ron Sims Endorses Ed Murray in Race for Seattle Mayor

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1010741_400459156730388_826277861_nMaking one of the most coveted endorsements in the race for Seattle mayor, former three-term King County Executive Ron Sims Thursday joined State Sen. Ed Murray at a press conference to announce that he is offering his enthusiastic endorsement for Murray in his mayoral bid.

Before announcing in March that he would not enter the race the race for mayor, Sims, who went on from the County to serve as Deputy Secretary of Department of Housing and Urban Development under President Obama, was widely seen as a potential frontrunner in the race. A King 5 poll in early March showed Sims tied for first in a crowded field, with a very strong approval rating among Seattle voters.

Now Sims has decided to back Murray.

“Ed Murray is the right person at the right time to lead Seattle into a new era of progress and prosperity,” Sims said. “Throughout his career, Ed has demonstrated a talent for translating our shared progressive values into positive results in areas like transit and transportation, affordable housing, and of course civil rights. He does it by uniting diverse constituencies behind a common vision. He builds coalitions that deliver results, and that is exactly the kind of leadership we need in our next mayor.”

At the press conference, Murray praised Sims for his own record of achievement and for his strong regional vision.

“Ron Sims is a true leader and a visionary. He sees possibility where others only see problems. I look forward to working closely with Ron, not only during this campaign, but during my mayoral administration as well,” Murray said.

Sims’ endorsement of Murray Thursday comes on the heels of two major endorsements Wednesday. Murray received sole endorsements from both Washington Conservation Voters, Washington State’s leading environmental organization, and the Civic Alliance for a Sound Economy, the political arm of the Greater Seattle Chamber of Commerce, once again demonstrating Murray’s ability to unite disparate constituencies.



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