Same-Sex Marriage is a Plan to Exterminate Human Race – Pastor Ruth Essien

Same-Sex Marriage is a Plan to Exterminate Human Race – Pastor Ruth Essien

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Editor’s Note: The following are not the views of The Seattle Lesbian, LLC. This is a letter originally published here by Vanguard. It has not been edited or altered in any way.

To everyone involved in same sex relationship and marriage, I want to let you know that you’re self-centred, wicked and selfish about the next generation. If your father felt like being with a man and your mother felt like being with a woman, would they have produced you? Your action is a direct war on human race, and should never be encouraged by any right thinking and decent society. I believe same sex relationship is a lifestyle; not a natural tendency. Therefore, it can be stopped.

When you counsel some people who are in same sex relationship, you will find that somewhere in their foundation, there was an abuse. This means they weren’t born to desire a relationship with their own sex. God did not create a man to have the desire to be with a man or a woman to desire another woman! Something went wrong along the line in the lives of these people! And that’s why I always say that there is a mental and emotional problem. Maybe in their childhood, they were being raped, abused constantly, until it became a desire in them.

Recently, a young guy whose name I cannot reveal, walked into my church crying. I was crying with him because I knew he was gay. He suddenly started saying “Pastor, I’m positive. I’m positive!” I had warned him before and he had lied to me that he wasn’t  gay but just didn’t like hanging around girls. Now, this young man is HIV-positive! So, what are we saying about the health aspect of being gay?

The anus will always be filled with excreta, and excreta is a waste that is supposed to be thrown out of the system. When you begin to have sex with somebody through the anus, you’re going to create a lot of health problems because we know that AIDS spreads faster through the anus. So, when we begin to allow that in any society, we’re saying that we want people to die of AIDS faster.

The anus cannot lubricate itself and expand; only the vagina was designed by God to lubricate itself and also expand in order to aid sexual intercourse and procreation. Hence, another health problem with gay men is their inability to hold excreta anymore after quite a long time since the anus had become slack due to forced penetration! Hence, you see such men walking awkwardly because their anuses have been abused! Is that the kind of society we want to have?

Read the full letter from Pastor Ruth here: Same sex marriage is a plan to exterminate human race – Pastor Ruth Essien.



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