Sarah McLachlan and Friends Breeze Through Chateau Ste. Michelle

Sarah McLachlan and Friends Breeze Through Chateau Ste. Michelle

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Sarah McLachlan/Photo: S. Brusig

Sarah McLachlan and Friends graced the glorious Chateau Ste. Michelle with their amazing music and singing Tuesday night. McLachlan, the Canadian singer, is touring after her recent release, Laws of Illusion. Her friends, Canadian and Australian artists Melissa McClelland and Butterfly Boucher, joined her for an amazing concert. Boucher also added wit and charm to the show as she played bass guitar.

The Chateau is situated on 105 wooded acres in Woodinville, WA, just 15 miles northeast of Seattle. Chateau Ste. Michelle is Washington State’s oldest winery with many award winning wines. They have amazing tours and tastings that will help you learn about the art and science of wines. Sarah McLachlan’s show was part of the Summer Concert Series which comes around annually and features a diverse line-up of all types of music from rock, top jazz, blues, and contemporary artists. Chateau Ste. Michelle is one of the Pacific Northwest’s greatest music venues. The amphitheatre setting is outdoors and there were views of frolicking mountains with the sun setting. People were enjoying the delicious wine along with their picnic dinners while listening to Sarah McLachlan and Friends sing into the night.                                     

It was unusual and fun to see McLachlan play backup singer to the two younger singers. The setting and lighting was no less than spectacular. There were multicolored lights that hit the gathered white curtains in the background. Smoke flowed up into the colors and it looked like they were lava lamps.

McLachlan sang a slower version of “Good Enough” along with the strong vocals from Boucher and McClelland. They harmonized beautifully. The audience enjoyed the ambiance of the fresh air and flowing wine. McLachlan did her encore with “Angel” and “Ice Cream” which enticed the audience to stand on their feet and sing along. What a great night!



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