Scissor Sister to Marry Lesbian Lover in Dublin Jail

Scissor Sister to Marry Lesbian Lover in Dublin Jail

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Jail 2Scissor sister Linda Mulhall, as in the murder duo, not the band, has proposed to her girlfriend in jail.

Mulhall, who brutally killed her mother’s boyfriend after an argument, has found love behind the bars of Dublin’s Dochas Centre after a year of dating.

She proposed to her lover, who’s in jail for three years for serious assault, with some flowers she got from the prison tuck shop.

“Linda wanted to woo her and make the proposal memorable and romantic,” an inmate said.

The two, who have been inseparable since meeting, hope to be able to hold a civil ceremony in prison before the end of the year.

Though many have applied for ceremonies in prison across Ireland, not many have marriages have actually been granted. It’s up to the discretion of the government.

The pair had been in Linda’s room all morning and when they finally came out both had huge smiles and her girlfriend showed off her ring to the crowd.

“The two have been walking around hand-in-hand ever since and acting like a loved-up teenage couple,” an inmate said.

Mulhall, mother of four, is serving a sentence for manslaughter for 15 years. Her sister Charlotte, also in jail, admitted to stabbing Kenyan Swaleh Noor at Kathleen’s home in North Dublin in 2005 over 20 times with a kitchen knife. Linda hit him “a few times” over the head with a hammer. The sisters then cut off his head and penis and dumped the corpse in Dublin’s Royal Canal. A piece of his leg, still wearing a sock, was found 10 days later floating near Croke Park. The head was never found.

Charlotte, mother of one, is jailed for life. She is as well engaged to her lesbian lover, Karen, whom she met in 2009. Karen said she is willing to wait for Charlotte to be freed before marriage.



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