Scott Lively: Obama is a ‘Radical Homosexualist’

Scott Lively: Obama is a ‘Radical Homosexualist’

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scott-livelyAn anti-gay activist who takes credit for inspiring the anti-gay laws in Russia, has campaigned against LGBT groups in Uganda, and believes President Barack Obama is a “homosexualist,” is running for the governor of Massachusetts

Scott Lively, gubernatorial candidate and head of Abiding Truth Ministries, believes Obama may actually be gay.

“I think Mr. Obama may well be a homosexual himself,” Lively said, adding that he was “attempting to break down protections for the natural family and legitimize sexual perversion.”

Even if he isn’t gay, according to Lively, he is a “homosexualist,” and a radical one at that.

“He certainly is a radical homosexualist – meaning a person, whether they are homosexual or not, meaning a person who is 100 percent invested in the homosexual agenda.”

Lively also believes that Obama “is lending the weight of his office to a movement that’s goal is to overturn the Judeo-Christian sexual ethic and replace it with the gay ethic of sexual anarchy.”

On his website last autumn, Lively said he was planning to run for governor in Massachusetts, the first state to legalize gay marriage.

“They people of this state need a candidate who can clearly and unapologetically articulate Biblical values without fear or compromise,” he said in a press release. “They need a candidate who will tell the simple truth that abortion is murder, and homosexuality is condemned by God (but that Jesus forgives and heals those who repent).”

In 2012, the Uganda-based LGBT rights group Sexual Minorities Uganda, filed a lawsuit against Lively, arguing that by promoting and contributing to the success of anti-gay legislation in the nation, he has committed crimes against humanity.

The complaint says that Lively “encouraged government-backed acts of violence against gays as a result of his rhetoric,” which Lively denies and argues he is protected by the First Amendment rights of free speech.

U.S. District Court Judge Michael A. Posnor has “set a deadline late last year for lawyers to exchange discovery but put off deadlines to file final motions and disclose information about witnesses until last year,” Stephanie Barry of said. “The next pretrial hearing is set for May 6, 2015.”

As far as winning the election to become the governor of Massachusetts, Lively is planning on a miracle.

“I expect to often be asked by reporters what I think my prospects are for winning this election,” he wrote. “To this I reply that it would take a miracle from God for Scott Lively to become Governor of Massachusetts – and I wouldn’t want it any other way.”



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