Seaside Welcomes EDEN Pacific Northwest

Seaside Welcomes EDEN Pacific Northwest

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The Seaside Visitors Bureau welcomes EDEN Pacific Northwest to its shores October 3 – 6.

The inaugural EDEN Pacific Northwest, a four-day women’s getaway filled with comedy, music, friends and more being produced by PQ Monthly, The Seattle Lesbian and EDEN Pride Events.

“We’re thrilled to have a first-time group like EDEN Pacific Northwest coming to Seaside,” said Jon Rahl, director of tourism and marketing of the Seaside Visitors Bureau, about why Seaside has been a popular resort destination for more than 100 years. “Seaside is truly more than just a day at the beach and we are excited to have you find out why! ”

EDEN Pacific Northwest co-producers Sarah Toce, founder and publisher of TSL, and Gabriela Kandziora, head of partnership and business development of PQM, have both taken advantage of Seaside’s charms for many years and now they want to share it with other queer women and their friends. They partnered with EDEN Pride Events in the San Francisco Bay Area to produce this special fall weekend getaway.

The Seattle Lesbian and PQ Monthly are the Pacific Northwest’s prominent LGBTQ publications and EDEN Pride Events is the San Francisco Bay Area’s preeminent women’s entertainment and lifestyle company. TSL and PQM reach an estimated combined 320,000 readers monthly. EPE produces well-known events, such as EDEN Pride Weekend in San Francisco and other Pride events around the Bay Area that attract upward of an estimated 15,000 women and their friends throughout the summer. The same EPE team also produces fiveTEN Oakland Events.

“Seaside has a tendency to bring out the kid in everyone. From finding a sand dollar on the beach during an early morning walk to enjoying a fresh piece of salt water taffy,” said Rahl. “Our town is perfect for relaxing or rejuvenating with an endless amount of recreational activities.”

EDEN Pacific Northwest co-producers Sarah Toce, editor of TSL, and Gabriela Kandziora, head of partnership and business development of PQM agreed with Rahl.  “The Oregon Coast can be sublime during this time … warm, mellow and calm,” said Kandziora. “It is a great town with lots to do and see … and a beautiful beach.”


Toce agreed, “Seaside offers both a relaxing getaway and nightlife options for all different types of people.”

Seaside is close to Portland, Seattle and Vancouver, B.C., they both added.

“Where else can you ride a Harley one minute and play arcade games and eat salt water taffy the next? Add to that dance parties overlooking the water and bonfires in the sand and you’ve got the perfect destination location,” said Toce.

Seaside sounded like a perfect escape when Kandziora and Toce told EDEN Pacific Northwest Co-Producer Christine De La Rosa, who produces EDEN Pride Events and fiveTEN Oakland Events, about the delightful town and its surrounding area.

“Personally, I am looking forward to experience the quaint town of Seaside as a vacation getaway,” said De La Rosa, pointing out that the group is starting out small, but has “big plans to make this a full week of events for women and our friends over the course of the next five years, our very own West Coast Provincetown.”

Get your tickets to EDEN Pacific Northwest. Learn more about EDEN Pacific Northwest, visit or become our friend on Facebook.

Reserve your room at the Shilo Inn Seaside Oceanfront today to get the special discounted rate for EDEN Pacific Northwest, by calling 503-738-9571. Use guest code: EDEN PNW.



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