Seattle DOMA Rally Planned for March 27

Seattle DOMA Rally Planned for March 27

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65406_10200257362209247_821607659_nSupporters of marriage equality are gathering at the Federal Courthouse on the day the U.S. Supreme Court is hearing oral arguments in two historic cases that examine whether gay and lesbian Americans should have the same opportunities as everyone else. The rally is part of the United for Marriage: Light the Way to Justice coalition, a group of LGBT and allied organizations rallying in Washington, D.C. and in communities across the country to show the broad support for marriage equality.

The Marriage Equality USA rally will demonstrate the broad support for marriage equality in Seattle, Washington. The rally will feature speakers from the Pride Foundation, Equal Rights Washington, The Seattle Lesbian, and local couples who have been impacted by the federal Defense of Marriage Act.

Marriage Equality USA Seattle event organizer Marley Blonsky said, “Even though we have the freedom to marry in Washington State, married gay and lesbian couples still lack full federal equality. This rally is a chance to show the nation that we are ready for full marriage equality.”

Support for marriage equality across all demographics is at an all-time high. According to a March 2013 ABC News poll, 58 percent of Americans support marriage equality. And a recent poll from Grove Insight found that 75 percent of Americans – including 56 percent of Republicans – view the freedom to marry the person you love as a constitutional right.

The rally will commence at 12pm for one hour at the Federal Courthouse in Seattle at 700 Stewart Street. Get involved before the rally on Facebook.



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