Seattle Humane Continues Transfers from Hurricane-Impacted Regions

Seattle Humane Continues Transfers from Hurricane-Impacted Regions

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Seattle Humane
Seattle Humane

These past few months have been a whirlwind of activity for Seattle Humane’s Life-Saver Rescue Program. The staff and volunteers have worked tirelessly to bring pets to safety at Seattle Humane – pushing hard through kitten season into hurricane season and every single day.

This October Seattle Humane received dozens of homeless pets from shelters affected by Hurricane Florence and Hurricane Michael.

Seattle Humane tends to focus on the happy outcomes – the adoptions and miraculous recoveries – but an immense amount of work goes into delivering pets to Seattle Humane and processing them for adoption.

Just 48 hours after receiving their first pets from Florida, they jumped into action to assist with a dog transfer that was cut short in Utah following a road accident that necessitated flying the pets to Seattle rather than the original ground route. However, due to heavy fog, the pilot was forced to land early in Wenatchee.

Seattle Humane’s Life-Saver team drove to Wenatchee through hours of traffic to collect the animals and bring them back to the shelter. Once back on campus, we helped facilitate the pre-arranged adoptions and shelter pickups. We also took in several of these dogs and adopted them out to loving families.

Seattle Humane is entering the holiday season inspired by the resilience of their extraordinary transfer program and animal welfare partners.



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