Seattle Lesbian & Gay Aging Study is Seeking Participants

Seattle Lesbian & Gay Aging Study is Seeking Participants

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Seattle Lesbian & Gay Aging Study is Seeking Participants
Seattle Lesbian & Gay Aging Study

The Seattle Lesbian & Gay Aging Study is an interview-based project designed to explore the support networks of older gays and lesbians. The researcher is seeking participants who live in Metro-Seattle, are 60 years of age or older, and identify as lesbian, gay or queer.

If you have questions about the study, or you are interested in participating in the study, or you know someone who might be interested in participating, contact Griff Tester, Assistant Professor of Sociology and Women’s & Gender Studies at Central Washington University ( or 509-963-2005).

Additional Information about the Project

Participants will be asked to complete a brief demographic survey, list the important people in their life, and “map” the listed individuals listed based on level of closeness. Participants will also be interviewed by Griff Tester. During the interview, Griff will ask questions about their relationships, their involvement in organizations and groups, their coming out experiences, and their health and well-being.

Interviews will take place in the location of the participant’s choosing, and the interviews will be audio recorded and later transcribed. Interviews will likely last 1-2 hours. Participation in the study is voluntary. If an individual decides to participate and later changes their mind, they can drop out of the study at any time. They may also skip any questions solicited on the study materials or asked during the in-depth interview. Griff will be the only person to have access to the information provided, and all information collected for the study will be kept private to the extent allowed by law.

This project was approved by Central Washington University’s Human Subjects Review Council (Study # H16080).



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