Seattle Seahawks and Richard Sherman May Be No More

Seattle Seahawks and Richard Sherman May Be No More

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Richard Sherman/Seahawks
Richard Sherman/Seahawks

Richard Sherman’s time with the Seattle Seahawks may be coming to an end. Of course, this may seem odd to NFL fans and The 12s – a term Seattle Seahawks fans call themselves – because the player has been a Pro Bowler in five of his six years in the NFL league. He is also known for his resilience as he has never missed a game.

However, Seahawks officials have openly discussed their considerations of trading Sherman. Why? Because although Sherman (otherwise known as Optimus Prime) is a talented player, he is starting to fall short with his tackle numbers depleting from his glory days. Although this candidness from Seahawks general manager John Schneider is awfully rare in the NFL league, the star cornerback has also confirmed that both sides are listening to offers.

Ever since Sherman’s trade-off has been admitted to the public, people are asking: what would it take to pry a three-time Pro away from the Seattle Seahawks, a Super Bowl contender?

Although the cornerback draft class is due, Schneider feels no pressure. He will not deal away one of his best players, and it will take a lot of money for Sherman to wear a different team’s mascot. Therefore, any fans of the Seattle Seahawks, aren’t left completely in the dark and need not worry about placing bets on their team. However, consider some great betting information to ensure your chances of winning are not compromised.

It has been reported that Seattle is trying to set a “very high price” for Sherman, so the NFL player’s elite salary of $11 million for the next two seasons does not suffer. Therefore, it will take a first-round draft pick or a mid-round pick for Seattle to part with Sherman. NFL Network’s Mike Garafolo added that they’re talking “Darrelle Revis Jets-to-Buccaneers type of deal.”

It is evident that the Seattle Seahawks have a lot to consider throughout this potential trade. The Seahawks will be looking for high draft picks and the exchange of a good player – or two. Another potential issue may be Sherman’s wild card personality. Dubbed as the master of trash talk, conservative NFL teams may view this as a negative and a potential catastrophe. With American athletes seen as role models, with a lot of weight on their shoulders, they should portray a certain, respectable image to the public.

It has also been reported that the asking price is slowly dropping, and although the cornerback is under contract through the 2018 season, the Seahawks are yet to receive a significant offer. With not one team having emerged as a leading suitor for Sherman, people are considering the Saints, Falcons and the Cowboys as being the most likely landing spots for this player. This speculation may become a reality as the Saints have been coveting for a cornerback.

There are many situations that could play out for both the Seattle Seahawks and Sherman. With all the above in mind, all we can do is watch it play out over the next three weeks.



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