Seattle Seahawks Stand Up to Bullying with New Billboard Ads

Seattle Seahawks Stand Up to Bullying with New Billboard Ads

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The Seahawks announced their support Thursday of the Free2Luv Friends Don’t Let Friends Bully campaign that empowers fans and especially youth to celebrate individuality and stand up to bullying.  Fans are encouraged to visit to learn more about the campaign and #TakeThePledge.

“The Seahawks family of 12s is inclusive and compassionate,” said Seahawks VP of Community Outreach Mike Flood.  “We are proud to support Free2Luv in their mission to stop bullying and help spread the message of respect to empower change within our community.”

Billboards will be displayed featuring Seahawks images along with the campaign slogan “Friends Don’t Let Friends Bully.” The first billboard is located at 4th Avenue South and South Industrial Way.


With the rise in teen suicides and one out of every three children experiencing some form of bullying, it is Free2Luv’s mission to reach as many communities and children as possible to spread the word Friends Don’t Let Friends Bully.

“We are thrilled to work with the Seahawks for our Friends Don’t Let Friends Bully campaign that encourages youth to stand up and make a difference together, using their voices for good,” says Free2Luv President and Co-Founder, Tonya Sandis. “We are passionate about creating a safer and kinder place for our youth, raising self-esteem and re-instilling hope.  We are excited to hold hands with Clear Channel to spread this important message and take one more step towards ending the bullying epidemic.”

“Free2Luv’s mission perfectly aligns with our goal to make a positive impact in our community.  We are honored to be teaming up with this organization to help spread their anti-bullying message via the Friends Don’t Let Friends Bully campaign.  Clear Channel recognizes the gravity of the bullying epidemic and as community leaders, we want to help raise awareness and create change in our community,” says Clear Channel Outdoor-Seattle President Pam Guinn.

Free2Luv is an anti-bullying nonprofit dedicated to celebrating individuality, spreading kindness and standing up to bullying through arts and entertainment.

Visit to #TakeThePledge and learn how to be an agent for change.



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