Seattle: Three Things Worth Seeing Besides the Space Needle

Seattle: Three Things Worth Seeing Besides the Space Needle

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Photo: Museum of Pop Culture/Facebook
Photo: Museum of Pop Culture/Facebook

Seattle is a great place to visit, and not just because the Space Needle offers a breathtaking view. Our city offers a unique blend of nature, art, and culture and there are many spots worth going to besides the usual tourist attractions. For people who want to have an unusually amazing experience, here are a few things they need to do while in Seattle.

Explore Music, Movies, and More at MoPOP

The Museum of Pop Culture or MoPOP is a place where one is not limited to merely looking at the exhibit of popular music, movies, literature, and video games, but is also able to have hands-on experience of certain equipment inside the museum. There are also several events that may be booked on their website in advance to ensure a slot because they tend to sell out.

For music enthusiasts, the Sound Lab has studio pods where they can play with audio engineering. Even guitars smashed by the famous Seattle talent, Jimi Hendrix are on display. One of the most influential electric guitarists in the history of popular music, Jimi Hendrix is featured in several other venues, platforms and mediums, including bgo’s Jimi Hendrix themed slot game – featuring his songs in the background while the reels are decked with psychedelic elements that speak of Hendrix’ genre and style.

Star Trek fans will rave over the paraphernalia showcased in the museum, along with costumes from Labyrinth and The Wizard of Oz. Like Jimi Hendrix on bgo casino, these movies are also featured in online slot games. A Star Trek-themed slot on Slotozilla, while The Wizard of Oz can be found on Zynga.

Explore the Seattle Underground

The Underground Tour is a 90-minute journey back in time along three blocks under Seattle’s historic Pioneer Square. Started in 1965 by a resourceful columnist for the Seattle Times named Bill Speidel, this tour starts in Doc Maynard’s Public House, a restored 1890s saloon. A popular attraction among visitors for its historic context, the tour takes them to three different sections of Seattle’s underground.

The story narrated during the tour revolves around the fire that raged through the city in 1889, which destroyed 25 blocks of wooden houses. This paved the way to a two-level Seattle which existed until 1907, when the bubonic plague broke out causing the city leaders to close down the underground. It was not until the 1960s when this place was excavated.

Within an hour and a half, visitors will be traversing a labyrinth of walkways, climb six flights of stairs and walk along uneven terrain. They will also see some elaborate architectural touches as well as purple glass tiles through which light passes through into the hidden spaces under First Avenue.

Go on a Tour at the Theo Chocolate Factory

Everyone loves chocolate, so whether it’s a family with kids, couples, or friends spending time in Seattle, a tour at the Theo Chocolate Factory in the neighborhood of Fremont is sure to be a delicious experience. Being the only organic fair trade certified chocolate factory in the United States, the tour also includes a discussion about ethical practices in the industry.

Entering the factory, everybody is asked to wear a hairnet to ensure a sanitary environment. The tour starts with an introduction to the history of cocoa then moves on to show how a football-sized cocoa fruit is transformed into chocolate bars. Social and environmental issues related to cocoa and cocoa farmers are also featured in the tour.

The next part of the tour is where visitors are guided throughout the production process. From huge tubs of beans, the ingredients are seen going through several machines where chocolate is produced. Of course, the trip will not be complete without having a taste of the many different varieties of chocolates in the factory.

With so many activities and attractions to visit, people travelling to Seattle will have so many good options to choose from. But for those who would want to spend their time in the city going beyond the usual tourist spots, they have these places to go to instead.



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