Seeking What’s Next for Mobile Tech in 2017 and Beyond

Seeking What’s Next for Mobile Tech in 2017 and Beyond

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mobile techWhether you want to have the best technology out there or you want to be aware of the trends, mobile technology is changing in some considerable ways. The year 2017 is a benchmark year for mobile tech. Not only are the apps and the methods companies use them to reach consumers changing, but the technology that powers mobile devices is also growing by leaps and bounds.

Below are some of the mobile tech innovations that should be on your radar.

Interaction-Based AI
Many homes have an Amazon Alexa-enabled device or a Google Home, and many smartphones have digital assistants like Siri built right in, but what those technologies can do is starting to evolve. One way this is happening is by creating a device ecosystem so that you can use the same interaction-based AI on all your devices.

As smartphones and other mobile devices become more entrenched in our daily lives, security is a primary focus — and some companies are really innovating. In Apple’s iPhone X, the company has abandoned its Touch ID fingerprint identification in favor of a new technology called Face ID. The iPhone X scans your face using 3D mapping and uses that information as a passcode to unlock your phone and do much more like authenticate your identity or make a payment.

The way people navigate their smartphones is also changing. Gestures are becoming more intuitive. Swipe in one direction to open your home screen and another to switch tasks. Go in the opposite orientation to close an app and yet another to open notifications. In many cases, this will mean using two hands to use your device, but by using directional swipes, you can do so much more, so far more quickly.

Wireless Charging
As mobile tech develops, you should also expect to ditch your charging cable — and that’s huge. Using a technology called Qi, you just place your device on a charging pad and wait. It is a little slower than cabled charging right now, but not needing a cable to charge your device opens up a world of possibilities, like restaurants or coffee shops that have wireless charging pads available at your seat — and the Apple iPhone X is even taking part in it. So, pretty soon you might be able to share your charging pad with a friend who has a phone of a different brand!

Smart Cameras
Cutting edge mobile technology is seeing a big difference in cameras as well. Not only are they stronger and better equipped to do things like let you create an animated emoji that mimics your facial expression, new smartphone cameras have built-in Portrait Lighting, so your selfies are always on point, but that is really just the beginning. Those cameras let you do so much more by using facial recognition. Over time, you could even be able to control connected appliances in your home by making a gesture.

Mobile technologies are getting more durable too. New smartphones are both dust and water resistant. While you may not want to take them in the shower, you can easily interact with your device even if you are walking in the rain without worrying whether or not you could accidentally fry the system. This new development will mean that you don’t have to dry off before sending a message or taking a call — talk about convenient!

New mobile technology is setting new standards. Make sure that you aren’t missing out on these advancements. Cutting-edge technology may be the future, but it is also a short visit to your mobile phone company away from being in your pocket.



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