Shay Mitchell on Her Character’s Multiple Girlfriends: ‘Bring It On!’

Shay Mitchell on Her Character’s Multiple Girlfriends: ‘Bring It On!’

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6717535619_667572bc98_shay-mitchellWhen asked about her character’s six girlfriends in the six seasons of Pretty Little Liars, Shay Mitchell said, “Bring it on! The more the merrier!”

During an interview with AOL, the actress said she loves all of her character Emily’s different girlfriends for different reasons.

“I think I was longest with Paige, and I love Lindsey Shaw,” she said. “She’s just amazing. I know there are a lot of ‘Emison’ fans out there, and working with Sasha [Pieterse] is always such a pleasure. She’s so talented, and it’s just great with all the different partners.”

Though the 28-year-old has played a high schooler, the show will jump five years in the coming seasons.

“So now when us girls are hanging out, we’re not just in a coffee store having to sip coffee and tea,” she said. “Now we’re having drinks, we’re going out, our conversation topics are a little more mature. And that’s just fun for all of us…We’re age appropriate to our fans again.”

Mitchell said when the show debuted in 2010, the fact that her character was a lesbian was often a topic of conversation. Now she doesn’t get that as much.

“Just seeing how much this character has helped fans even just start the conversation with their family and friends, I’m like this is awesome,” she said. “It’s one thing to entertain, but to have a small impact on their life is huge.”

Mitchell has branched out from acting recently with a young adult novel Bliss and an active wear line, Fit To Wander, which displays positive affirmations and slogans on the clothing.

“I realize the role I play with these girls and I take it seriously,” Mitchell said.

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