Six Packing Tips to Save You Time

Six Packing Tips to Save You Time

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Meathead Movers
Meathead Movers

The Search for Reliable Movers

Finding reliable movers is a guarantee of a smooth relocation and if you are planning to change city or state, it is a crucial issue for you as poorly organized moving process can cost you sleepless nights and additional costs.

Today’s market is full of reliable moving companies, but there are frauds who are after your cash. Before hiring movers, it is important to provide a thorough research and find the most suitable company.

Curious how to find movers best? Here are basic recommendations that will help you finding reputable movers:

  • Ask your friends, neighbors or colleagues for referrals. Local real estate agents are also of great help;
  • Online reviews, social media are also of great assistance as many clients post their referrals online;
  • Before hiring a company create a list of few suitable ones and compare prices, conditions. Make sure that the moving company you are about to hire is licensed and fully insured;
  • Check business credentials: visit the actual office, talk to employees.

Following these recommendations, you will find reliable company to hire.

Effective packing tips

Without any questions, packing and unpacking services can be offered by moving company but if you want to save some money and have time, packing material and desire to handle your stuff by yourself – here are main tips:

  1. Before starting any packing estimate how many cartons and of what sizes you will need. Fragile and bulky item may require special handling and specific materials. There are various types of boxes: small boxes or used to pack heavier objects like: glass items, books, small electronics. Medium cartons are for kitchenware, small appliances, clothing and shoes. Large boxes must be packed with light or bulky items as sheets, towels, blankets, large household items. Also there are dish pack boxes, picture or mirror cartons. Make sure you have enough of bubble wrap, strong tape, paper or old newspapers as it all can be handy.
  2. Get rid if things you no longer use. Organize a garage sale, give them to charity and completely useless stuff throw away.
  3. A box of essentials is a must for the first days at your new place – first-aid kit, basic clothes, kitchen stuff, take away menus must be packed and moved in advance.
  4. Pack one room at a time, label all your cartons with indication of the corresponding room to which it belongs. Keep all important documents together and keep them in colored case close to you.
  5. Rolling suitcases are invaluable for packing heavy books as it is much easier moving them around.

These recommendations will be useful for those who has no experience and want to save money on packing services and handle part of the job without assistance.

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