Snorkeling in Hanauma Bay – Oahu, Hawaii

Snorkeling in Hanauma Bay – Oahu, Hawaii

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Hanauma Bay/Photo: S. Brusig

Whether you are looking for colorful fish of all sizes, coral reefs (deep or shallow), honu (sea turtles), or crystal clear blue water, you will find it all when you strap on your snorkel gear and arouse your senses in Hanauma Bay.

Hanauma Bay is located approximately 35 minutes from Waikiki via car or shuttle bus. Although it costs money to enjoy the gorgeous Nature Preserve ($1.00 per car to park and $7.50 per person to enter; the entrance fee is waived for children under 13 and for residents of Hawaii with proof of residency), the fee is more than worth it in once-in-a-lifetime experiences aplenty.

Hanauma Bay/Photo: S. Brusig

There is a mandatory educational screening that every person must view before being allowed into the Nature Preserve. Make sure you sign in after viewing the video so that the next time you visit on your trip (up to one year from the date of your initial visit) you can skip it and move straight to the sand and water.

Walk down the long narrow stretch leading to the sand and take in all of the beauty before you. Once you reach the bottom, you’ll want to claim your spot before others do (Hanauma Bay tends to get busy so it is wise to get there as early as possible and plan to spend a few hours or the whole day) and then get ready to stake out the best place to start your snorkel adventure. There is not a bad place to start your dip and you may find that you end up snorkeling the width of the waterfront by the time your day is finished.

One thing to keep in mind when snorkeling for the first time in Hanauma Bay: the reefs are very shallow. Watch the tide so that you do not end up standing, kneeling or tripping over the reefs and hurting yourself or the protected wildlife.

Sarah Toce/Photo: S. Brusig

Underwater cameras are fabulous for this adventure into the deep! Renting snorkel gear from Snorkel Bob’s is a great option so that you can return to the Bay as many times as you like without having to rent snorkel gear multiple times and waste money. Gear reservations from Snorkel Bob’s are required and you can find out more about their rates here.

Do not touch or bother the wildlife – please. We are only visitors in their underwater world. Now, relax and enjoy the swim!



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