South Park Murderer Banned from Trial

South Park Murderer Banned from Trial

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Isaiah Kalebu/Photo: AP

South Park murder suspect Isaiah Kalebu’s inappropriate outbursts in court on Monday were possibly his last, according to Judge Michael Hayden.

Kalebu, 25, has been banned from his own trial. The reportedly mentally ill Kalebu will now view his trial proceedings on closed circuit TV from another room entirely.

“I’m persuaded Mr. Kalebu is unwilling and unable to be here,” Judge Hayden said.

“I’m not sitting through this trial, period,” said Kalebu. “I want new lawyers; these lawyers are not doing what they’re supposed to do.”

Kalebu shouted. “You’re fired. The judge is fired.”

Kalebu is being charged for the rape and murder of South Park resident Teresa Butz in July 2009. He is also being charged for the attempted murder of her partner on the same night. The lesbian couple was asleep in their home when Kalebu broke in, raped and then murdered Butz.



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