Sundance Channel Marries Bisexuality with Paralysis in ‘Push Girls’

Sundance Channel Marries Bisexuality with Paralysis in ‘Push Girls’

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In the same way Murderball, winner of the 2005 Audience Award for Best Documentary at the Sundance Film Festival, took the lid off the competitive world of “wheelchair rugby,” Sundance Channel is bringing an unfettered, uncensored glimpse at what it means to be sexy, ambitious and living with paralysis in Hollywood with Push Girls, a new original non-fiction series from producer Gay Rosenthal (Ruby, Little People, Big World).

“The indomitable spirit of this series will give viewers permission to stare at a world that they may previously have been too polite – or too frightened – to explore,” said Sarah Barnett, Sundance Channel General Manager. “Sundance Channel allows the Push Girls to convey the stark reality of their lives, something our broadminded audience will appreciate. We are remarkably fortunate to get to work with this exceptional group of women.”

Gay Rosenthal commented, “Watching the Push Girls tackling life with spirit and confidence is not only inspiring but compelling. The show challenges perceptions about life in a wheelchair, giving the audience an honest, no-nonsense look into their world. It’s real, it’s outspoken, and it’s from the heart. I am delighted to share their story on a network that prides itself on authentic, bold and respectful storytelling.” 

Taking a matter-of-fact attitude regarding their disabilities, Push Girls offers a candid view of the women as they pursue their own claims to happiness at different stages of their lives.  Angela is a down-to-earth, stunningly gorgeous model who has recently become separated from her husband.  Auti, a dancer, rapper, actress, and all-around powerhouse, is crossing her fingers that, at age 42, she can try for a baby with her husband. Reflective and pragmatic Mia is taking stock of her relationship with her able-bodied boyfriend; a onetime competitive swimmer, she is about to attempt to swim for the first time since high school.  Flirty, wisecracking Tiphany is doing some deep soul-searching about her sexuality, settling down, and finding her calling in life. 

Along with the four core cast members, the series also follows the story of Chelsie, a 20-year old student who was involved in a car accident that left her paralyzed during her senior year of high school.  After meeting the girls through Auti’s ‘Colours ‘n’ Motion’ dance group, Chelsie finds herself looking to Angela, Auti, Mia, and Tiphany to help guide her through the adjustments of her new reality.    

The 14 episode docu-series premieres June 4 at 10pm. Check your local listings.

Source: Sundance Channel



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