Bitchin' Kitchen

Bitchin’ Kitchen

Nadia G Spearheads Feminist Punk Rock, Food, Comedy Fest for LGBT Rights in Los Angeles

RIOT GRILL: Feminist Punk Rock, Food and Comedy Festival for LGBT Rights created by Celebrity Chef Nadia G Hits Los Angeles in August.
The lineup features legendary female artists such as Babes In Toyland, Le Butcherettes, Slutever, and The Menstruators. Emmy Award-winning stand-up comedian Sara Schaefer will host. ...
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Nadia G on The Menstruators, Sick Kitchens and Partner Shaming

Nadia G is back with Sick Kitchens, Partner Shaming and she's getting Irritated
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When she’s not playing loud music and ordering nachos from dive bars in L.A., Nadia G is redesigning Sick Kitchens and Partner Shaming. ...
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Nadia G on Her New Show ‘Bite This’ and Why She Says Her ‘Bra Don’t Fit No More’

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Bite This takes fans on a journey into some of the best kitchens in America, and not all of them are run by famous chefs with lots of cash and fame. ...
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