Brandy Black

Brandy Black

Top 21 Things No Mother Would Ever Say

21 Things No Mother Would Ever Say
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It’s mind-boggling, really, how parenthood changes all pre-conceived notions of what is socially acceptable to say to another human being. ...
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INTERVIEW: Faith Soloway of Amazon TV’s ‘Transparent’

Left to right: Faith Soloway, Jeffrey Tambor, Hari (Jill and Faith’s Dad) and Jill Soloway.
Top News Entertainment
We caught up with Faith Soloway, one of the writers of Amazon’s Transparent, a beautifully written, directed, and acted show on Amazon TV. ...
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11 Things Only Parents of Boys Understand

Top News Columns
What was I to do with these loud, smelly, noisy creatures? These things who were constantly moving. And climbing. And yelling. And slamming one another. ...
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Photo Project Spotlights Same-Sex Parents

Top News National
The Next Family is rolling out a National Spotlight Campaign highlighting same-sex parents in every state around the country. ...
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