Catholic School

Catholic School

Wisconsin Teacher to ‘Homophobic’ Student: ‘Drop Class’

Marquette University Hall
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A teacher at Marquette University sparked some controversy when she assumed her “Theory of Ethics” class all had the same opinion on gay rights. ...
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Christian Academy Bans Lesbian Student for Coming Out

Megan Staker
Top News Faith and Religion Local
Megan Staker will not be finishing high school at Washington's private Christian school Crosspoint Academy because she came out as a lesbian. ...
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Lesbian Outed in Mother’s Obit Won’t Return to School

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Hale listed the name of her domestic partner in her mother’s obituary and was fired when it was released. According to the diocese, Hale was “fired because she publicly disclosed an extramarital relationship that violates the tenets of the Catholic Church and her employment." ...
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OH Teacher Outed and Fired from Catholic School

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The obituary mentioned her “partner” Julie and a parent of a student at Bishop Watterson High School told the school. ...
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