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We were worried that emotional issues would brew with hearing about two of our biological siblings and wondering about their own biological families even more. When it seems that it was quite the opposite. ...

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Washington Governor Jay Inslee has signed into law Senate Bill 6037, which substantially updates and improves Washington’s version of the Uniform Parentage Act. ...

The case involves a dispute between a married same-sex couple regarding whether the non-biological mother, C.C., is a legal parent to their child and thus responsible for paying child support. ...

I’m sure many of us have thought this same sentiment: “She can rest while the girls nap.” Except that’s not the reality when you’re a nanny. You’re preparing food, bottles, cleaning - and, god forbid - taking the opportunity to visit the bathroom alone. ...

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Tipping the Scales: The Coordinated Attack on LGBT People, Women, Parents, Children, and Health Care details the widespread push to pass a variety of religious exemptions laws that would give businesses, government agencies, and individuals a right to discriminate on religious or moral grounds. ...

Same-sex couple of children who have been adopted, fostered or naturally conceived are routinely asked invasive questions at almost every injunction. ...

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Step inside The Little Gym of West Seattle and you’ll have a hard time deciding where the staff ends and the families begins. The gym is open and accepting of all families. They have families that come from all backgrounds, especially in the LGBT community. ...

Curated experiences on R Family Vacations’ hosted Uniworld cruises include group dinners, cocktail parties and excursions led by co-founders Gregg Kaminsky and Kelli Carpenter. ...

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Those donating are asked to not wrap items or include action figures with violent themes, such as guns, knives or swords. Please make sure they are new items, as Seattle Children’s can’t accept used toys or toiletries due to infection control and allergies. ...
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The Texas House of Representatives Wednesday passed HB 3859, a discriminatory bill that would allow child placement agencies in the state foster care system to prioritize their religious beliefs above the needs of children in its care. ...