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Donald Trump

Donald Trump

Post Kavanaugh Vote: NARAL Launches $1 Million Ad Campaign

Politics National
Following the weekend confirmation vote of Brett Kavanaugh, NARAL Pro-Choice America Monday announced a new $1 million ad campaign to hold the Republican Party accountable. ...
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Rise Travel Helps Women Travel with Purpose

Women protesting at the Women’s March 2017. Photo: Rise Travel
November 2016 changed everything for travel expert Christian Tamte. Like many women, it sparked a fire within her that she hadn’t known was there before. She went from simply living and enjoying life into a life of action and activism. ...
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National Queer Asian Pacific Island Alliance: No DACA Deal with the Devil, Not This Time!

National Queer Asian Pacific Islander Alliance
Politics Editorial
Canceling DACA puts the lives of 800,000 undocumented young people at risk of deportation. NQAPIA demands a clean DREAM Act without any enforcement provisions. ...
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Seattle Residents Rally in International March for Truth Demanding Action on Possible Trump-Russia Collusion

On Saturday, June 3, Seattle residents will rally, taking part in the international #MarchforTruth demanding an independent commission and the release of Trump’s tax returns to show potential Russia entanglements. ...
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Trump’s Anti-Muslim America Has No Place in Seattle

SeaTac Muslim Ban Protest/S. Toce/The Seattle Lesbian
Politics National
The executive order banning Muslims from entering the United States came on International Holocaust Remembrance Day. ...
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Gallup: Trump Sets New Low Point for Inaugural Approval Rating

President Donald Trump pumps his fist after addressing the crowd during his swearing-in ceremony on January 20 at the Capitol in Washington, DC./Getty
Trump now holds the record for the lowest initial job approval rating as well as the highest initial disapproval rating in Gallup surveys dating back to Dwight D. Eisenhower. ...
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Fighting Trump: HIV Advocates to Watch in 2017

Politics Health
Follow these advocates on social media, join their groups, take note of every link in their profile, and follow their advice. ...
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Washington Electoral College to Gather at Noon Dec. 19 to Award Presidential Votes

A joint session of Congress meets to count the Electoral College vote from the 2008 presidential election the House Chamber in the U.S. Capitol January 8, 2009 in Washington, DC. (Photo: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)
Politics Local
The 32nd Washington Electoral College convenes at the state Capitol at high noon on Dec. 19, taking part in a time-honored ritual of awarding the state’s electoral votes for president and vice president. ...
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Lesbian Avengers 25 – We Did It, and We’ll Do It Again

The Lesbian Avengers were launched almost 25 years ago during another wave of anti-gay and white supremacist hate. ...
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Nissan Stays with Right Wing Breitbart News, Kellogg’s, San Diego Zoo Part Company

Pharmaceutical maker Novo Nordisk, online glass retailer Warby Parker and the San Diego Zoo have also said they will discontinue advertising on the site. ...
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