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Seattle Residents Rally in International March for Truth Demanding Action on Possible Trump-Russia Collusion

On Saturday, June 3, Seattle residents will rally, taking part in the international #MarchforTruth demanding an independent commission and the release of Trump’s tax returns to show potential Russia entanglements. ...
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Cantwell Leads Call for Presidential Task Force to Combat Hate Crimes, Violence

Hate violence is not new in America, but recent data shows that the problem has deepened. According to the FBI, there were 5,580 hate-related crimes in the United States in 2015. Further, 2016 saw a record 139 violent acts perpetrated against mosques. ...
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Statement of Affinity Bar Associations on the Post-Election Increase in Hate Crimes

Politics Editorial
As diverse bar associations, we have a unique opportunity to serve as voices for individuals and communities who are targeted based on race, religion, gender, gender identity, immigration status, national origin, sexual orientation, or disability. ...
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Gays Against Guns Group Forms, Hundreds to March in New York Pride Parade

Gays Against Guns
About 150 people showed up for GAG’s first organizational meeting at the LGBT Community Center on Friday. ...
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Sawant to Hold Capitol Hill Safety Forum Tuesday

This is the corner where the most recent assault on Capitol Hill occurred (January 25). Troy Burns yelled slurs at three men crossing the street at Broadway and Pike, then pulled a knife and approached.
Top News Local
With the upcoming election, Knittel said he saw the forum as a blatantly political move, intended to score points with Capitol Hill voters. ...
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