Daughter of Desmond Tutu Marries Longtime Girlfriend in the Netherlands

Reverend Tutu and Professor van Furth. Photo: Desmond & Leah Tutu Legacy Foundation
Faith and Religion International
The daughter of the former Anglican Archbishop of Cape Town married her longtime girlfriend December 30. ...
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U.S. Public Becoming Less Religious, Study Shows

Faith and Religion
Slightly smaller shares of Americans believe in God and attend religious services than in 2007. ...
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Deciphering Religion: ‘In God We Trust’

Top News Editorial
Contrary to some beliefs, this country was not founded on Christian values. In fact the United States wasn’t founded on the values of any religious belief. ...
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Sweet Cakes to Pay Portland Couple $135,000 in Damages

Sweet Cakes by Melissa Photo
Top News National
Sweet Cakes by Melissa, a bakery run by Melissa and Aaron Klein, has been ordered to pay $75,000 to Rachel and $60,000 to her wife for emotional damages. ...
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Delaware Church Jointly Ordains First Lesbian Couple

Top News Faith and Religion National
Kaci and Holly Clark-Porter were ordained Sunday, making them the first same-sex couple to ever be ordained jointly as ministers by the Presbyterian Church. ...
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A Note to Jessa’s God: We’ll Trade You Soup for the Duggars

Top News Editorial Faith and Religion
Has she actually met God? Did he offer her soup in a bread bowl upon her arrival? You know that broccoli and cheese kind at Panera that’s like crack? ...
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Church of England Evangelical Activist Comes Out As Lesbian

Jayne Ozanne/Photo: Jeremy Young
Top News Faith and Religion International
Jayne Ozanne, one of the Church of England’s leading evangelical campaigners, announced last week that she is a lesbian. ...
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