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UCLA Study: Female-Female Couples Not As Likely to Stay Together as Male-Male Couples

A new study examining the predictors of relationship termination in same-sex and married heterosexual couples found that male-male couples were the least likely to break up. ...
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China’s Media Censorship Ban Challenged

Chinese LGBTQI community take to Shanghai’s streets for the city’s annual Pride event. Photo: AFP
The policy bans service providers from releasing programs that “present abnormal sexual relations or behavior,” such as incest, homosexual relations, sexual harassment and sexual violence calling the content “pornographic and vulgar” in the new policy went into effect in July. ...
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Nebraska Woman Sues All Homosexuals in the World

Photo: Elvert Barnes
Faith and Religion National
A self-proclaimed “ambassador” for plaintiffs “God and His Son, Jesus Christ” is suing all homosexuals for breaking “religious and moral laws." ...
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Giorgio Armani to Men: Don’t Dress Homosexual

Top News National
Armani told the Sunday Times that, “A homosexual man is a man 100 percent. He does not need to dress homosexual. ...
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American Family Association Releases Anti-Gay ‘Bigotry Map’

Top News Faith and Religion
These mapped groups are broken down into four categories: those with “homosexual agenda,” atheist, anti-Christian, and Humanist. ...
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Iowa Senate Subcommittee Advances Anti-Conversion Bill, Students Meet with Legislators

Luke and Anna meet with Rep. Liz Bennett (center) at One Iowa's Student Day at the Capitol on Tuesday, Feb. 18, in Des Moines.
Top News Politics Faith and Religion
A Senate subcommittee advanced a bill in Iowa that would outlaw conversion therapy - also commonly referred to as ex-gay therapy or reparative therapy. ...
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Lesbians Stage Kiss-In Protest During St. Petersburg Flight

Photo: nfinitykseniya/Instagram
Top News International
While on a flight from Moscow to St. Petersburg, two lesbian activists took a selfie in front of anti-gay politician Vitaly Milonov. ...
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Russia Outlaws Driving for Transgender People, Amputees

As of Tuesday, January 6, it is now illegal for transgender and transsexual people to drive vehicles in Russia.
Top News Health International
As of Tuesday, January 6, it is now illegal for transgender and transsexual people to drive vehicles in Russia. ...

UK High Court: Refugees Should Not Have to ‘Prove’ Sexuality

Top News International
Recently, the treatment of LGBT asylum seekers has been under the spotlight in the UK. One refugee said he was asked “shockingly degrading” questions. ...
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Wisconsin Teacher to ‘Homophobic’ Student: ‘Drop Class’

Marquette University Hall
Top News Faith and Religion
A teacher at Marquette University sparked some controversy when she assumed her “Theory of Ethics” class all had the same opinion on gay rights. ...
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