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U.S. Supreme Court Affirms ‘Obergefell’ Requires Placing Married Same-Sex Parents on Birth Certificates

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Maintaining a tradition of issuing cases impacting the LGBTQ community on June 26, the U.S. Supreme Court issued its decision in Pavan v. Smith, upholding the requirement outlined in Obergefell (the case that banned marriage discrimination based on sexual orientation/gender) that birth and death certificates reflect the same-sex spouse. ...
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Alabama Mother Seeks Recognition of Parental Rights Initiated in Georgia

E.L. kept V.L. from seeing the children, fighting her request for visitation, and arguing that the Georgia adoption was invalid in Alabama, where they live. ...
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Must-See YouTube Channels for Gay & Lesbian Parents

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Take a look at the channels of these awesome men and women and the amazing parenting advice they have to offer for same-sex families. ...
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German Lesbian Film ‘Two Mothers’ Sheds Light on Anonymous Babymaking

Two Mothers still shot.
The German film Two Mothers, out on DVD January 13, focuses on a lesbian couple and their quest to have a child. ...
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