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INTERVIEW: Faith Soloway of Amazon TV’s ‘Transparent’

Left to right: Faith Soloway, Jeffrey Tambor, Hari (Jill and Faith’s Dad) and Jill Soloway.
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We caught up with Faith Soloway, one of the writers of Amazon’s Transparent, a beautifully written, directed, and acted show on Amazon TV. ...
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Fagbug Nation: The Second Chapter to Erin Davies and Her Famous Car

Erin Davies and her "Fagbug" on the road.
College student Erin Davies’ life turned upside down after she was the target of homophobia in 2007. She now tours the U.S. with her Fagbug. ...
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INTERVIEW: Lisa Kudrow – A Comeback to Cherish

Lisa Kudrow, star of The Comeback on HBO
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A decade after The Comeback starring Lisa Kudrow first premiered, the show returns to HBO with the Friends actress back as our beloved hot mess. ...
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Interview: Laverne Cox on Trans Youth and the ‘T Word’

Laverne Cox
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MTV and Logo TV will simultaneously premiere Laverne Cox Presents: The T Word. The 60-minute documentary highlights seven transgender youths. ...
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Portland-Based Storm Large Graced Tacoma with Flair

Entertainment Local
The show is a tour through Storm's originals, outstanding covers, and her hilarious commentary on everything that crosses her mind. She's crazy. ...
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INTERVIEW: Sinéad O’Connor Isn’t Bossy, She’s the Boss

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Sinéad O’Connor: With three marriages under her belt and a fourth in progress, the mom of four has a new goal in life – putting herself first. ...

INTERVIEW: Storm Large on Playing the Pacific Northwest and Being ‘Crazy Enough’

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Musician, playwright, actor, and author Storm Large took time out to talk to The Seattle Lesbian about her Seattle shows, new projects, and current events. ...
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Nadia G on Her New Show ‘Bite This’ and Why She Says Her ‘Bra Don’t Fit No More’

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Bite This takes fans on a journey into some of the best kitchens in America, and not all of them are run by famous chefs with lots of cash and fame. ...
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