Social Security Administration Sued for Third Same-Sex Widower Denied Survivor’s Benefits

Michael Ely and James “Spider” Taylor in their final photo together before Taylor's death.
This is the third lawsuit Lambda Legal has filed in the past year challenging Social Security’s requirement that couples be married for at least nine months to qualify for survivor’s benefits. ...
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Anti-Gay Laws Cause UK to Issue Foreign Travel Warning for the U.S.

The UK Foreign Office updated a foreign travel advice warning to British citizens about the United States. ...
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Religious Refusal Bills Pass in Michigan Limiting Same-Sex Adoption Rights

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There are currently more than 10,000 youth in Michigan’s foster care system, approximately 3,000 of whom are currently available for adoption. ...
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Gender Wage Gap Wider in Washington Than Most States

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Women in Washington earn less than 78 cents per dollar a man earns. At the current rate of progress, it would take until at least 2071 to reach pay parity. ...
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