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Been There, Done That: Surviving That Dreaded Lesbian Breakup

When my relationship with my long-term girlfriend came to an end, so did a part of me that existed when we were together. She was my first real girlfriend. ...
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LGBTQ Entertainment Critics GALECA Honors Sally Hawkins, Jordan Peele, Meryl Streep

Sally Hawkins/The Shape of Water
The distinctly unique GALECA: The Society of LGBTQ Entertainment Critics, comprised of over 200 gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer and ally entertainment journalists in the U.S., Canada and ...
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Redux: India’s Highest Court Could Reverse Gay Ban

Although it’s been a long fight for their rights, the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender community in India is holding on to hope. Photo: The Better India
India’s Supreme Court ordered a review of Section 377 of the country’s Penal Code that criminalizes homosexuality in the South Asian country. ...
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Mary Lambert to Headline Pizza Klatch 2018 Gayla ‘A Slice of the Good Life’

Entertainment Local
Pizza Klatch presents it’s annual fundraising Gayla, A Slice of the Good Life, at the Washington Center for Performing Arts in Olympia, WA. This year’s musical guest is two-time Grammy Winner, singer/songwriter, poet and activist, Mary Lambert. ...
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New Lobster Tour Caters To LGBTQI Travelers in Porto

Shopping and eating along the Ribeira, the city’s riverfront promenade in Porto, Portugal. Photo: Fresh Lobster Tours
Portugal is one of the most progressive countries in Europe when it comes to LGBTQI rights. Homosexuality was decriminalized in 1982 eight years after the country was democratized by a left-wing military coup in 1974. ...
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Ellen Page: ‘You Should F*C* Her to Make Sure She’s Gay’

Ellen Page/Facebook
Top News Entertainment
“You should fuck her to make her realize she’s gay.” He said this about me during a cast and crew “meet and greet” before we began filming, X Men: The Last Stand. I was eighteen years old. ...
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Maj. Margaret Witt Finds the Courage to ‘TELL’ All

Sarah Toce, Maj. Margaret Witt and Kristin Leong at Museum of Flight
Maj. Margaret Witt's book is indeed a love story first and foremost - a love of country, of family, friendship, and, perhaps most importantly, a love for oneself. ...
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All-Female Comedy ‘Why We Have a Body’ Depicts Lovers, Sisters and Mothers Who Persisted

Why We Have a Body
Local International
Claire Chafee's Why We Have a Body follows the lives of four women through snapshot monologues and short intimate scenes. Though the play originally opened in San Francisco in 1993, it is achingly in sync with the current political climate. ...
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Lesbian Filmmaker Readies Final Two Episodes of ‘Riley Parra’ Web Series

Riley Parra, which was modeled after a series of books, is about a detective struggling to do the right thing in a corrupt department. She discovers a war between angels and demons is being waged in her city and she’s the only chance the good side has of winning. ...
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Edie Windsor Remembered: Funeral Live Stream and Private Shiva Friday

Edie Windsor/Facebook
Civil rights legend Edith Windsor passed away at the age of 88 in New York on Tuesday. Windsor was the plaintiff in the U.S. Supreme Court case  Windsor v. United States – which effectively struck down the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) and paved the way for nationwide marriage equality in 2015. ...
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