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Unanimous Ruling in Washington State Supreme Court Against Arlene’s Flowers Owner

Arlene's Flowers Owner Barronelle Stutzman
Top News Local
The couple and Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson sued Stutzman for violating Washington state's law protecting against discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. ...
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Digging Deeper: Who Exactly is Trump’s SCOTUS Nominee Neil Gorsuch?

Pro-life Gorsuch voted on the side of Hobby Lobby regarding religious exemption and the right to refuse female employees contraception coverage. ...
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The Producers Guild of America to Honor ‘Loving’ with 2017 Stanley Kramer Award

The Producers Guild of America to Honor Loving with the 2017 Stanley Kramer Award
2017 marks the 50th anniversary of Loving vs. Virginia, the United States Supreme Court’s landmark civil rights decision invalidating laws prohibiting interracial marriage. ...
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One Million Moms Attacks Zales for Same-Sex Love and Pride Collection

Faith and Religion National
In a post titled, "Zales Attempts to Normalize Sin," the anti-gay group One Million Moms have found a new target. ...
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Documentary Reveals Evan Wolfson’s Orchestration for ‘The Freedom to Marry’

The upcoming documentary The Freedom to Marry is an intimate and epic documentary that goes behind-the-scenes to reveal the inner workings and key players of this historic civil rights battle. ...
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Gibraltar Votes Unanimously to Legalize Same-Sex Marriage

Gibraltar/St. Michael's Cave/Lonely Planet
Faith and Religion International
The Civil Marriage Amendment Bill 2016 was passed unanimously by the government in Gibraltar on October 26, 2016. ...
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Lack of Diversity on State Courts Threaten LGBT Rights, Study

Lambda Legal Senior Counsel and National Director of Constitutional Litigation Susan Sommer and Lambda Legal then-Executive Director Kevin Cathcart, with Nicole and Pam Yorksmith and their children standing in front of the U.S. Supreme Court on decision day, June 26, 2015.
A new report finds that the election of judges and stunning lack of diversity on state courts threaten the rights of the LGBT community. ...
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Washington Families Celebrate Justice Mary Yu with Large Group Photo Planned

Thomas Potter, Noel Madrid Vasquez, Clara Isabel Madrid-Potter, and Noel Madrid-Potter were brought together via second-parent adoption by Justice Mary Yu.
Justice Mary Yu will join a group photo of couples she married and families where she presided over an adoption on August 28 at the Seattle Center Fountain. ...
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Biden Marries Gay White House Staffers in First Officiant Duties

Vice President Joe Biden officiates his first wedding - a same-sex wedding/Twitter
On Monday, Aug. 1, U.S. Vice President Joe Biden officiated his first wedding, a same-sex wedding, to longtime White House staffers. ...
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LGBTQ Couples Face Financial Uncertainty – Even One Year Post Obergefell

Ann Dyste Photo
For those planning to wed in the near future, LGBTQ couples should begin to understand how marriage affects their pocket books. ...
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