Yes, Israeli Queers are Active Against the Occupation

To gain a greater understanding of the challenges faced by Queer Israelis who oppose the actions of Israel’s sectarian government, The Seattle Lesbian spoke to two veteran Jewish-Israeli activists who have long fought at the intersection of Queer rights and the rights of other groups marginalized by Israeli society. ...
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Gay Muslim Arab-American Physician Dr. Hisam Goueli Files for Seattle City Council Position 8

Hisam and husband Roberto/Campaign
Politics Local
Dr. Hisam Goueli is a gay Muslim Arab-American physician dual board-certified in family medicine and psychiatry who has worked to develop health care solutions around the world - and now he wants your vote, Seattle. ...
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Sen. Murray Lays Out Deepening Concerns with Trump Administration

Senator Patty Murray
Tuesday, U.S. Senator Patty Murray spoke on the Senate floor to lay out her deep and continuing concerns with a number of President Trump’s cabinet nominees. ...
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Trump’s Anti-Muslim America Has No Place in Seattle

SeaTac Muslim Ban Protest/S. Toce/The Seattle Lesbian
Politics National
The executive order banning Muslims from entering the United States came on International Holocaust Remembrance Day. ...
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DelBene Introduces Bill to Prohibit Religious Registry Under Trump Presidency

Politics Faith and Religion
Congresswoman Suzan DelBene introduced the No Religious Registry Act to ensure individuals of all faiths are protected from the establishment of a national religious registry. ...
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Sydney Cafe Owner Leaves Behind Partner of 14 Years

Man Haron Monis, a self-proclaimed Muslim “cleric,” held 17 people inside the cafe hostage. Tori wrestled with Monis in an attempt to take his gun away and give hostages time to escape. During the struggle, he was shot.
Top News International
After wrestling with the man who took Lindt Cafe hostage in Sydney, gay manager Tori Johnson, 34, was shot and later died in the hospital. ...
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