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National Transgender Discrimination Survey

National Transgender Discrimination Survey

LGBT Advocates Issue Revised Guidelines for Hospitals Treating Transgender Patients

An update has been released to the 2013 publication that provided guidance to hospitals seeking to improve health care for transgender patients. ...
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New Report on Transgender Experiences in Sex Work Recommends Decriminalization

Transgender sex workers reported high levels of harassment and violence, often at the hands of police. ...
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Working to End Gender Identity Discrimination in Seattle

Marsha Botzer, founder of Ingersoll Gender Center, addressed union leaders and other local authorities on issues of gender-identity-based discrimination. Photo: Clare McGrane
Top News Health Local
Marsha Botzer, founder of Ingersoll Gender Center, said that support from her union and co-workers were essential to her transition. ...
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Trans Teen Leelah Alcorn: ‘My Death Needs to Mean Something’

Leelah Alcorn/Tumblr
Top News National
A 17-year-old transgender teen, Leelah Alcorn, committed suicide by stepping in front of a moving tractor trailer truck December 28 in Ohio. ...
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