Presidential Election

Presidential Election

King County Elections Tests Pre-paid Postage for February Special Election

King County Elections/Instagram
Politics Local
King County Elections is testing pre-paid postage with the February 14 special elections in the City of Maple Valley and the Shoreline School District. ...
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Hillary Clinton’s Concession Speech: Full Transcript

The following is a full transcript of Secretary Hillary Clinton's remarks as she conceded the presidential election to Donald Trump. ...
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Donald Trump Secures Presidential Nomination: The World Reacts

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump
Top News Politics
The world is watching in awe as President-Elect Donald J. Trump takes the highest seat in the nation. Trump won 279 electoral votes to Hillary Clinton's 228 to secure the election Tuesday night. ...
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Chelsea Clinton Tells Logo She Hopes for LGBT President

Raymond & Chelsea Clinton
Logo has announced a multi-platform digital series focused on the issues that matter most to LGBT people and their families during this year’s Presidential election. ...
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Transgender Ad Goes Viral Ahead of Debut at Republican National Convention

Trans Ad will run during RNC
An ad depicting the challenges faced by transgender people in accessing public restrooms has been viewed more than 2 million times online. ...
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Hot Item: Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black

It was a big week for 19-year-old British Olympic diver Tom Daley. He not only came out as bisexual through a YouTube video, he also revealed that he is in love with 39-year-old screenwriter Dustin Lance Black. ...
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Marriage in WA State: 17% Uptick in 2013

Top News Politics Local
With the first year of gay marriages underway, the Washington State Department of Heath said gay weddings accounted for 17 percent of marriages in Washington this year. ...
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Catholic Bishop Offers Exorcism to Gay Couples

Top News Faith and Religion
According to a Catholic bishop in Springfield, Illinois, Satan was behind his state's recent legalization of same-sex marriage. This is the same thing he said when the Catholic Church was being publicly criticized for the clergy sexual abuse scandal. ...
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Love Lights Up for Everyone in Times Square

Top News National
The billboard will display in Times Square throughout the holiday season up until January 4, 2014. More than 1.5 million people pass through Times Square daily. ...
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Across State Lines: Fighting for Marriage in VA

Top News Politics National
The plaintiffs in the case: Joanne Harris, 38, and Jessica Duff, 33, together since 2006, are from Staunton and have a four-year-old son, Jabari. Christy Berghoff, 34, and Victoria Kidd, 35, are from Winchester and have been together almost 10 years. They have a 10-month-old daughter, Lydia. ...
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