Trans Student Wins Prom Queen Crown in Renton

Renton High School is making headlines as trans student Brooklynn Buenaventura wins the Prom Queen title. ...
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Louisiana High School Student Allowed to Wear Tux to Prom

Claudetteia Love will be allowed to wear a tux to the prom.
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Last week, Claudetteia, 17, was told by Principal Taylor that she would not be allowed to attend her prom if she wore a tuxedo. ...
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Keira Knightley Kissed Best Girlfriend at Prom, Teacher Disgusted

Keira Knightley Took Her Friend to Prom and Kissed Her
Keira Knightley went dressed in leather pants, brought her best friend who dressed as a boy, kissed for the photo, and were told it was “disgusting.” ...
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